Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lucky Five

Lucky Five is a casual strategy game inspired by Omok(Korea (오목(五目))), Gomoku(Japan (五目並べ)), Gobang(China), and Tic Tac Toe / Connect Five / Five in a Row (USA).  The objective of the game is to get five white stones in a row, while at the same time trying to prevent your computer opponent from getting five black stones in a row.  As your skill increases, you may choose larger table or a shorter game timer to increase the challenge.

See also: Wikipedia: Gomoku

Game Features:
  • One or two player game.
  • Choice of table sizes from 8x12, 9x12, or 12x12.
  • Choice of game duration from 30 seconds, to 3 minutes.
  • High quality sound effects and music.
  • Sophisticated AI tuned to be both challenging and fun.
  • Game statistics page.

Game Specs:
  • Android 2.0 or higher
  • 4.85 MB total storage required
  • On devices capable of SD app storage, the requirements shrink to 300 KB + 4.5 MB on SD.
  • Plays best on devices with larger screens.  Some devices are limited to 8x12 screen.
  • Free, but with advertisement support (Ads only appear on the game's start page).
  • Requires Network communication (full internet access) for advertisements.

Screen Shots

Download using either this link or QR code:
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Anonymous said...

Fun Omok game, more levels might be nice !!!

Me said...

FYI - We're working hard on the next release!